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Perl Foundations Event Mailing List

Go, subscribe and be happy with Perl events.

Good to see the Perl Foundation getting more active.


Mouse and Moose in Perl - Walking in a winter wonderland... kinda

I like Moose but I work heavily in non-persistent applications. Sadly this makes Moose's start up expense too much.

But recently I revisited Mouse (thanks to a friend). The last time I looked at it, I misread the documentation and it sounds like it was no longer being supported by the original developer. But not anymore, w00t!

The one part I really like about Mouse (and Moose) is the declarative nature of creating accessors (and therefore attributes). I really like this because it reduces the number of simple accessor tests that you need to write (saving time, tendium and kittens).

I used to use Class::Accessor but I always ran into inheritance and validation issues (which I used Params::Validate but this caused lots of custom magic for inheritance).

I think the Mouse/Moose syntax is significantly cleaner.

Compare Class::Accessor:package User; use strict; use warnings; use Carp; use base qw( Class::Accessor ); __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors( qw( id username password first_name …