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Dancer + Nginx + FastCGI

Bring together the parts I was able to find complete documentation on running dancer  with nginx using FastCGI. In the dancer deployment  it discusses using Apache and fastcgi or nginx with proxy. Often, using nginx as proxy to starman(or some other plack webserver) is probably the right thing. But sometimes using fastcgi is good idea too :) I'm running some benchmarks but it seems like memory usage is a bit smaller with FCGI but I still need to do more digging on this. Make it so Lets get all the parts install and then configure them Install the Parts Note: These parts will be very dependent on your system. I'm assuming a debian/ubuntu system below. First you need to have nginx and dancer installed. For nginx i would recommend doing something like: apt-get install nginx or building and install from source.  Next, install need Perl modules: cpanm + Dancer's Makefile.PL I like to install using Dancer's app generated Makefile.PL along with cpanm