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Evil Net::SMTP Hack with SMTP Authentication

For some reason my hosting provider doesn't like Perl's Net::SMTP SMTP authentication of PLAIN. Everytime, it gives an error. Unfortunately, there is not way to tell Net::SMTP::auth method to only use a predefined mechanism from Authen::SASL. It will tries the first one every time.... This happens to be the ever failing PLAIN not the working LOGIN flavor. I tried to pass in a Authen::SASL to the auth method but it will just be smart and override the mechanism list :( Well, here is my evil to turn the mechanism method into a read only method, put in the top of my script: package Authen::SASL; no warnings 'redefine'; # suppress sub refine warning sub mechanism { return 'LOGIN'; } package main; Awful hack but right now I can't find a better way around this problem without completely overriding the the auth method, which seems much worse. now to figure out how to open a good bug for Net::SMTP.