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New CPAN Module: WWW::DirectAdmin::API

New module for interacting with DirectAdmin 's API: WWW::DirectAdmin::API It currently supports User level functions only. More to come later __END__

Accessing Dancer config settings inside of a template

As I continue to work more and more with Perl Dancer , I run into situations where I need to pull in application configuration data inside of the template system. Dancer provides access to this config in your template system with the template token settings . What caught me the other day was my desire to use it in the same way as the in the app's DSL: setting . This was my misreading of the documentation. To access settings in Template Toolkit , you must grab sub areas as hash keys. Example: (you can see this in the generated new app code) App name: [% settings.appname %] I did have a case where I wanted to pull in a value that was located in the plugin section. The plugin (like some of them) are named with double colons (::) and I couldn't get the hash key lookup to work so I used TT 's item virtual method. This example dumps out RSS version: Using RSS Output Version: [% settings.plugins.item('XML::RSS').output %] Disclaimer: Of course in the case of so