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Blueberry (Image slider) and YouTube video working in harmony

Do what needs to be done We recently launched a new home page and the designed used a responsive image slider called Blueberry . Well there were a few issues with navigation and I needed to be able to make sure to have the slider start to slide automatically and then stop while playing a YouTube video. I need to fix the problem with navigation causing a speed up and unreliable timing while showing slides. I extended it to support being stopped and started. Since the project appears to be on hiatus (no changes in a year even though it has a few  github issues ), I forked it on github  to fix the event issue and add the ability to stop/start slider. Blueberry + YouTube sitting in a tree I found it to be a bit of challenge to update the site to support pausing the image slider when the YouTube video that is linked in through iframe started and stop being played. I found to get the correct permissions and callback into the player I needed to use the YouTube iFrame Player API . (than