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Changing Dancer::Plugin::Ajax's content type

Dancer does lots of great things. It has a nice clean way to define routes to handle AJAX routes using the plugin Dancer::Plugin::Ajax . ajax routes are defined in a clear way: ajax '/stuff' => sub { # do work and return }; This plugin technique allows for clear way to separate between ajax and other types of actions for the same route. ajax '/stuff' => sub { # do ajax-y stuff here }; get '/stuff' => sub { # handle html response }; Unfortunately, the one negative with Dancer::Plugin::Ajax is that is assumes all responses will be XML. A quick fix is to manually set the content type in each ajax handler. ajax '/stuff' => sub { content_type('application/json'); # do work }; or add set it as a general option in your main before hook or in each prefix route handler like: package WebApp; hook before => sub { if ( request->is_ajax ) { content_type('application/json'); } };