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Bootstrap (by Twitter) loading in page content for Popovers

Bootstrap is a nice get started HTML/CSS/JS interface toolkit. At $work our newest design has been based on it and many of its components. One of the challenges I've run into with the Popover element is generating in attribute content for complex elements. The basic context is: <a id="mypopover" href="#" data-content="stuff to display"> Label </a> The popover gets the body from the data-content attribute. The other option that doesn't appear to be documented is using a function set in the options. $('#mypopover').popover({ // other options here content: function(ele) { return $('#popover-content').html(); } }); This will load the html content from element '#popover-content' when calling 'show' on popover. Note : If trigger element still has a data-content element, even if its empty, the content function will not be called by method. My biggest issue still with Bootstrap tools is t