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mysql - adding one year quickly

I don't want to forget how to add one year (or any interval) so I'm making a note. DATE_ADD functions in MySQL always seem to get me since Sybase seems so different (but probably isn't that much). Plus, I was being very smart and keep trying to put a + instead of a , . Silly Rabbit! Here it is: SELECT DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 YEAR) An update to set expiration date 1 year into the future: UPDATE mytable SET exp_timestamp = DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 YEAR)

Quick way to disable table header in JTable

Last week was Java week. It involved quickly adding a new tab to an existing Java applet application. The layout has a nice larger table header section and allows for the table itself to have a sub-header. That is pretty slick. Until you don't need a sub-header :). After a bit of searching I found a pretty Perl-ish way to disable table headers in Java's JTable. myTable.setTableHeader(null); I kept looking for a disableTableHeader method. This week its off to Excel, Web Posts and VBA again... yikes.