Building vim on os x 10.5

I like to build my own version of vim on systems. This usually avoids any problems later when I want to add something new in to it or upgrade to a newer version.

In the past older versions of OS X (10.4 and 10.3 ) I could just build vim straight but on 10.5 I had a strange issue of it starting up X11 when I ran it in my terminal window.

It seems that either vim or OS X became smarter when it came to talking between process using X Windows communication protocol. (XSMP)

Just adding a --without-x to the configure statement didn't help. It required disabling the XSMP protocol.

Here is the configure line:
./configure --without-x --disable-xsmp
Much better, now I just need to figure out the best terminal font for my 24" iMac. :)


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